The Koby Mandell Foundation helps bereaved mothers, fathers, widows, orphans and siblings to rebuild their lives and create meaning out of suffering.

Rabbi Seth and Sherri Mandell established the Koby Mandell Foundation in 2001 after their 13 year old son Koby Mandell and his friend Yosef Ishran were brutally murdered by terrorists near their home in Israel.


Their personal loss led the Mandells to envision a system of support programs that they hoped would make a real difference in the lives of people who had lost parents, children or siblings through terrorism, war, or other tragedies.


The Mandells took their vision to professional therapists and grief counselors for refinement. The Koby Mandell Foundation soon developed a three-tiered model of support including informal therapeutic programming, recreation/ relaxation programming, and community building /social integration programming. 

Today, The Koby Mandell Foundation is the largest provider of emotional support services for the thousands of bereaved Israelis who have lost an immediate family member to terror or tragedy via multi-faceted therapeutic programs.  


These unique programs are focused on teaching the tools necessary for victims of trauma to translate their pain and suffering into positive personal growth, deeper interpersonal relationships, and active community leadership. Most programs are provided free of charge, combining formal, informal, and recreational therapeutic techniques that foster an environment of healing and emotional support.


The Koby Mandell Foundation knows that laughter and healing are necessary for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Partnering with LA funnyman Avi Liberman and the DJW PRODUCTIONS team of Dena & Jeremy Wimpfheimer, Comedy for Koby, Israel's most popular English stand up comedy tour was born. 

Over the years, tens of thousands audience members in cities all around Israeli have been introduced to some of the best and brightest in the comedy world today. 

Through the generous support of sponsors and donors, all proceeds from ticket sales at our twice annual fundraising tours go to supporting the programs of the foundation and our work with bereaved children and families.